Architecture and Urbanism

03/05/2016 16:40

UFSC Architecture and Urbanism Program enables professionals to design, plan and construct buildings and open spaces, and to propose the organization of urban and regional architectural spaces. The architect and urban planner can work in different scales, from urban and regional planning (master planning, land division, etc.), to the design and construction of city areas, buildings and open spaces (urban, landscape and architectural), as well as with the design of objects.

For students to develop these abilities and understand the processes and products involved in the construction of human habitats – a city, for instance – this five-year program offers an interdisciplinary education structured in four different branches of subjects: Project, Urbanism and Landscape, Theory and History, and Technology.

The theoretical and practical emphasis guides the program throughout the courses – mainly in the Project disciplines, every semester, and in the Urbanism and Landscape disciplines, for seven semesters. These courses, in their turn, are based on the contents taught in both Theory and History and Technology disciplines.

Besides the compulsory courses, Architecture and Urbanism students take elective courses of their choice, from this or other undergraduate programs at UFSC. After completing all courses, in the last semester, students write a final paper. The best works participate in a national contest for final papers in the area of Architecture and Urbanism.

The program counts with 8 laboratories to develop teaching, research and outreach activities. Some of them are the LabMoma (Models and Mockups Laboratory), where students develop the representation of their projects at a reduced scale; the LabCon (Laboratory of Environmental Comfort), aimed at the study of thermal, acoustic and visual comfort issues; and the LabUrb (Laboratory of Urbanism), for research and consultancy on cities and regions.

In addition, the program also offers training, research, outreach and student tutoring scholarships, through 6 research groups, including PET (Tutorial Education Program), Ghab (Housing Group), Infoarq (Computer Technology for Architecture Research Group), Cidadhis (City History, Culture and Design Laboratory), Nucomo (Morphology and Configuration in Architecture and Urbanism Investigation Center) and the Artificial Lighting Simulation Center.

UFSC Architecture and Urbanism Program has achieved grade A in the 2013 Provão, an evaluation carried out by the Ministry of Education, and its students have been ranked and awarded in several national contests, namely Prêmio Universidade Tigre 2013, Bienal Internacional de Arquitetura e Design, Concurso Revestir – IAB/SP and Primeiro Prêmio Nacional de Pré-Fabricados – IAB/SP (in which they achieved first place).


Program Length:
10 semesters
Faculty members:
32 doctors
8 masters
+55 48 3721-4864