Chemistry (Education) – Blumenau

03/05/2016 16:55

The UFSC Chemistry Program with an emphasis on Chemistry Education (Blumenau Campus) aims to prepare professionals with scientific and pedagogical knowledge of Chemistry, its related areas and Education. It provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills for the teaching practice in different educational institutions and environments, and also for other professional practices in the area of Chemistry, according to the legal provisions.

Profile of the graduate

The graduate in Chemistry (Education) is qualified according to the different theoretical perspectives that support the understanding of the teaching and learning process, showing adequate mastery of the content and its contextualized integration for the construction of different knowledge. In addition, s/he understands the organizational system and the historical, technological and pedagogical conceptions shaping the educational reality.

The graduate can teach in primary and secondary school and/or work as a chemist, according to the current legislation. The degree also allows working with research in the subareas of Chemistry (Physical Chemistry, Analytic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry), Chemistry Teaching and Education.

Courses are held in the evening.


Program Length:
9 semesters
Number of places: 100 (50 per semester)
+55 47 3232-5101