03/05/2016 18:16

UFSC Law Program is derived from the Faculty of Law of Santa Catarina, the first Law course to be offered in the state, established in Florianópolis in 1932. It became part of UFSC at 1960. The Master’s Program was created in 1973 and the Doctoral Program in 1984.

The program aims to prepare professionals for the legal practice, while equipping them with technical knowledge, a critical view and social and political consciousness. For degree completion, besides achieving the number of credits required for mandatory courses, the student must obtain 288 class hours of elective courses, 380 hours of internship experience and 288 hours of complementary activities (including research and outreach activities, extracurricular courses and internships, and student representation). Law students can develop research activities in the Tutorial Education Program (PET) or take part in research carried out by professors of the Department of Law.

Due to an agreement between UFSC and the Court of Justice of the state of Santa Catarina, since 1993, students can profit from a forum located inside the university. Initially, the forum served the activities of the University’s Office for Legal Assistance (EMAJ) only, but today the Regional Forum of the North of the Island is a pioneer in providing decentralized legal services (Special Courts). It comprises four courts, an auditorium for 200 peoples, and a structure to perform real juries.

Since 2004, the program curriculum includes a strong humanist base, which combines the need for a dogmatic and practical training and an education concerned with the development of a truly conscious and participatory citizenship.

UFSC Law Program was one of the first in the country to implement a final paper (TCC) as a curriculum component, and also one of the first to require a minimum amount of hours in complementary activities for degree completion. Supervised internship is developed in the Office for Legal Assistance (EMAJ), which offers legal assistance to disadvantaged community for more than 20 years.


Program Length:
10 semesters
Faculty members:
31 doctors
8 masters
10 specialists / graduates
+55 48 3721 9382