04/05/2016 12:18

UFSC Pedagogy Program prepares students for a career in teaching, both in early childhood and primary education, and for the organization and management of educational systems, units or projects, besides producing and disseminating knowledge in different areas of education.

The program aims to provide the paths for both research and the teaching practice. Since 2009, its curriculum is focused on teaching, aimed at the initial years of primary school and at early childhood education, while at the same time giving the necessary knowledge for the performance of other pedagogical activities involved in education systems or units. Its educational project is organized in three basic areas: childhood and education, organization of educational processes and research.

Students take courses from multiple fields, and must write a final paper (TCC), consisting of a research paper on any topic related to the educational field.

They also have to engage in two teaching practice internships: one in childhood education and the other in the initial years of primary school. These can be done at the university’s Child Development Center (NDI) or at the Laboratory School (Colégio de Aplicação), as well as in any municipal or state schools and childhood education institutions.


Program Length:
9 semesters
Faculty members:
39 doctors
3 masters
2 specialists
+55 48 3721-9414