Environmental Crime Forensics

01/11/2019 20:37

Objective: The Graduate Program in Environmental Crime Forensics (PPGMPPA)  aims to endow environmental professionals with the scientific and technical knowledge necessary to master conceptual and methodological instruments essential for their work and to qualify them as specialists in environmental crime forensics, able to develop investigative work and to find material evidence in investigations of environmental crimes.

Type: Professional master’s degree.

Areas of Concentration:
Environmental Forensics;
Environmental Crime Forensics.

Lines of Research:
– Environmental Damage Evaluation and Valuation;
– Coastal Vegetation Ecology;
– Geoprocessing and Remote Sensing;
– Pollution and Ecotoxicology;
– Biological Treatment of Polluting Waste and Residual Waters.

Contact: ppgmppa@contato.ufsc.br | +55 (48) 3721-2713

Website: http://mppa.posgrad.ufsc.br/