Accounting Science

20/03/2020 16:22

UFSC was the first university in the state of Santa Catarina to offer an undergraduate degree in Accounting Science. With a tradition of more than four decades, the program is ranked among the best in Brazil, according to the Guia do Estudante magazine.

UFSC accounting graduates are able to guide business strategies, conduct audits and investigations, advise, and control the cash flow of a company.

Since the early stages, the student deals with theoretical concepts in courses such as General Accounting, Tax Accounting, Management Accounting, Public Accounting, Business Games and Tax Law. Through the elective courses, students can opt for more specific topics such as Rural Accounting, Industrial Accounting and Social Security Accounting.

From the beginning, the program encourages the pursuit of continuous education through participation in outreach projects and student tutoring. Under faculty supervision, students advise government agencies, entities and private companies, and learn how to better manage them.

The accounting student has access to an Applied Computer Lab and a Practical Activities Lab, which simulate common situations encountered in the professional career. The program also offers an Accounting Information Management Laboratory (LabGCI) and several research centers, such as the Center for Brazilian Accounting Indicators (NICb) and the Center for Studies in Auditing (NEAUD), where the student can commence research and outreach activities. Students can also take part in the Junior Enterprise of the School of Socio-Economic Sciences, which offers advisory services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Upon completion of the program, the graduated student must apply for the Sufficiency Exam of the Federal Council of Accounting for professional registration. Since its implementation in 2000, UFSC is the university with the larger number of students approved in the exam.

In 2004, the creation of a Master’s program in Accounting Science was approved and UFSC became the first public institution in southern Brazil to offer the degree.

Program Length:
Day program: 9 semesters (4 and a half years)
Evening program: 9 semesters (4 and a half years)
Faculty members:
+55 48 3721-9381