Agriculture – Florianópolis Campus

20/03/2020 16:31

The Agriculture program is concerned with the preservation of the environment and the biological quality. Agriculturists work in the agricultural production and management processes, as well as in forest areas and animal husbandry. They can also provide advisory and consulting services, perform topographic services, certify products, and work with research and outreach in government agencies.

The program includes core courses, specific courses and rural administration courses. In the first three semesters, courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are offered. Still in this period, more specific subjects are taught, such as Climatology and Introduction to Agriculture, which prepares the path for the professional part of the program that starts in the fourth semester. This part includes courses in Topography, Soil Science, Agricultural Mechanization, Entomology, Phytopathology, among others.

During the fourth and tenth semesters, students go on internships. In the fourth semester, the intern stays for a month in a small sized rural property so as to achieve a clear understanding of the profession. This practice is called “estágio de vivência” (experience internship). As it is situated in one of the few Brazilian states where family farms are predominant, the opportunity of learning about this type of farm structure is a characteristic of UFSC Agriculture Program. The tenth semester’s internship consists of an experience of the day-to-day practice of the profession and can be done in companies, government agencies or in any type of rural property.

In recent years, the profession has gained incentives due to the growth of agribusiness and of public programs aimed at family agriculture and the country’s rural development.

Program Length:
10 semesters (5 years)
Faculty members:
+55 48 3721-2920