UFSC report recommends the creation of a conservation unit in the North of SC; read the series ‘Nascentes do Sai’

04/11/2021 13:28

A threatened Atlantic Forest, a team of researchers and a community interested in sharing their knowledge and debating the region’s preservation. The Nascentes do Saí project, formally entitled Socio-environmental Diagnosis for the Creation of a Conservation Unit in Vila da Glória, municipality of São Francisco do Sul/SC, gave rise to a report that has over  700 pages highlighting a recommendation to the government: it is necessary to legally preserve the polygon that involves forests, hills, river sources and hundreds of species before it is destroyed.

To fulfill the objective of drawing up a socio-environmental diagnosis of the region, the multidisciplinary project had a team of professors and students from various centers at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina and also from Univille to carry out studies on fauna, flora, geology and geomorphology, socioanthropology, land survey and geographic characterization. Its guidelines ranged from the preservation of water resources to the availability of natural resources for scientific research, as well as the creation of environmental education programs and the proposal of a plan for the construction of the unit’s Conservation and Territorial Management Policies.

Starting this Tuesday, the UFSC Communication Agency will present three reports that summarize the importance of the partnership between the university, science and society, and help to present one of the richest regions in the state, in which abundant rains and the geographic conditions generate a “package” that can benefit the community with eco-tourism initiatives.

The series is divided into three blocks of subjects, which will be presented from Tuesday and Thursday: in the first article there is a general presentation of how the project took place and the involvement of the community in all its stages; in the second, the focus is on the presentation of the forest, its flora and springs and, finally, the fauna is highlighted, reinforcing the importance of its correlation with preservation.


Follow the calendar:

Tuesday (28 Sept.) – UFSC and the community of São Francisco do Sul suggest the creation of a Refúgio de Vida Silvestre, a wildlife sanctuary, in the Distrito do Saí

Wednesday (29 Sept.) – Abundant water and regenerated forest will be preserved with the creation of the wildlife sanctuary Refúgio de Vida Silvestre in São Chico

Thursday (30 Sept.) – A never seen before bird and incredible abundance: get to know the fauna of the Distrito do Saí, which must be protected by Refúgio da Vida Silvestre


More about the Nascentes do Saí Project:


Texts: Amanda Miranda/Agecom Journalist/UFSC

Art: Design and Visual Programming Coordination/Agecom

Photos: Nascentes do Saí Project Collection


Translated by SINTER/UFSC

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