Mission, Vision and Values


The university’s mission is to produce, systematize, and socialize philosophical, scientific, artistic, and technological knowledge, broadening and deepening students’ education for the professional practice, critical thinking, and national and international solidarity with a view to building a just and democratic society and also guaranteeing quality of life.


UFSC envisions to become a university of excellence and inclusion.


UFSC must continue to establish itself as a center of academic excellence at regional, national, and international levels, contributing to the development of a just and democratic society and of a greater quality of life based on the following values:

  • High-quality: An institution in continuous pursuit of academic excellence in all of its areas of action, especially in teaching, research and outreach.
  • Innovative: An institution able to identify and choose new paths and to create new opportunities, careers and practices in accordance with an innovative vision.
  • Proactive: An institution able to express opinions, influence and propose solutions to major issues such as: access to knowledge and citizenship, scientific and technological development, environmental sustainability, and human and social development.
  • Inclusive: An institution committed to the democratization of access to higher education that is public, of quality and free of charge, and to the purpose of overcoming regional inequalities in the state of Santa Catarina, keeping the conception of a truly public university committed to Santa Catarina and Brazilian society.
  • International: An institution able to enhance partnerships and agreements with international institutions, contributing to its development, the development of the country and of other nations.
  • Freestanding and Accountable: An institution where teachers, students and administrative staff are free to develop their beliefs and their vocations in teaching, research and outreach.
  • Autonomous: An institution able to decide upon its own course, within its competences.
  • Plural and Democratic: An institution that ensures the full recognition of its academic diversity.
  • Well-managed and planned: An institution with efficient and effective strategies of management and for finding resources to the achievement of its goals.
  • Transparent: An institution that is accountable for its decisions and actions to the community.
  • Ethical:  An institution guided by ethical, social and environmental responsibility.