Textile Engineering (Blumenau Campus)

04/11/2019 14:28

Objective: The Graduate Program in Textile Engineering (PPGETEX) aims to prepare highly qualified professionals, committed to the advancement of knowledge and innovation, for the development of research, teaching, outreach and other professional activities in the field of Textile Engineering.

Type: Academic master’s degree.

Area of Concentration: Development of Textile Products and Processes.

Lines of Research:
– Textile Product and Process Engineering;
– Technical, Smart and Functional Textiles;
– Sustainability in the Textile Sector.

Contact: pgetex.bnu@contato.ufsc.br | +55 (48) 3271-3336 / +55 (47) 3232-5136

Website: http://pgetex.blumenau.ufsc.br/