[Photo: Airton Jordani]

[Photo: Airton Jordani]

The Rectorate is the highest executive body of the senior management of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Its aim is to run the university policy set by the central governing bodies.

The Rectorate is directed by the Rector and, in his/her absence or impediment, by the Vice-Rector. In case of simultaneous absence or impediment of both Rector and Vice-Rector, the rectorate shall be directed by one of the Pro-Rectors or Secretaries designated for this purpose.

The Rectorate is responsible for the planning, organization, management, coordination and control of all activities of the University.

Rector’s Office:

Head of Office: Áureo Mafra de Moraes

Phone: +55 48 3721-4076 | 3721-9320