[3/1/23] UFSC participates in Brazilian research on international cooperation



[27/12/22] Capes evaluation confirms UFSC’s excellence in graduate studies

[16/12/22] UFSC strengthens agenda with institutions from Japan and Singapore

[08/12/22] U.S. Consul General meets Rector to discuss partnerships for the construction of the indigenous student residence


[30/11/22] UFSC approves Policy for Confronting Institutional Racism


[31/10/22] UFSC is the fifth most sustainable university in Brazil


[28/9/22] UFSC receives QS award and is ranked the 23rd best university in Latin America

[26/9/22] More than 80% of UFSC undergraduate programs assessed by Enade 2021 reach maximum grade


[22/8/22] Application developed by a team at UFSC is awarded in a MIT competition


[15/7/22] UFSC is ranked 6th best university in Latin America in Times Higher Education (THE) Latin America University Rankings

[7/7/22] Professor Irineu de Souza and Professor Joana dos Passos take office as Rector and Vice-Rector on Friday, 8 July

[4/7/22] SINTER inaugurates Institutional Center for Languages and Translation (NILT)


[24/6/22] UFSC is among the best universities in Latin America, according to QS World Rankings

[23/6/22] UFSC researchers stand out in international ranking; the institution also leads in scientific production


[29/4/22] UFSC is ranked among the 19 best Brazilian universities in THE sustainable development ranking

[19/4/22] UFSC launches Call for Applications for admission of refugees to undergraduate programs

[11/4/22] UFSC stands out in 13 academic disciplines in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022


[29/3/22] Phase 3: UFSC returns to fully in-person work starting from 4 April

[15/3/22] Nature’s Victory’: with work from UFSC and the Distrito do Saí community, Santa Catarina state wins a conservation unit


[23/2/22] UFSC will require proof of vaccination against Covid-19 for first-year enrollment in undergraduate programs

[16/2/22] International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated with advances at UFSC

[14/2/22] Phase 2: UFSC will require a vaccination certificate from all workers from 14 February

[11/2/22] UFSC formalizes agreement with the Normandy Chair for Peace, supported by the UN


[10/1/22] Central Administration decides to suspend the beginning of Phase 2: return of in-person activities at UFSC

[4/1/22] Phase 2: UFSC has new guidelines for in-person work starting from 10 January



[27/12/21] Updated by UFSC, database surpasses 11 thousand images of fortifications in the world

[8/12/21] UFSC launches Brazilian Portuguese Survival Course for foreign students

[6/12/21] UFSC Observatory is launched with more than 300 indicators on 21 areas of university activity

[3/12/21] UFSC is one of the three most innovative universities in the country


[30/11/21] UFSC and partner institutions launch Pan American Network for Environmental Epidemiology on Monday, 29

[25/11/21] Animation produced by Special Student from UFSC is selected to participate on the Science Film Festival

[22/11/21] RESEARCH – LABIME researcher is the author of an article in Nature Protocols

[17/11/21] COP26: UFSC researchers co-author a report that assesses the situation in the Amazon

[5/11/21] UFSC professor takes part in report presented at COP26 about urgent risks and solutions in climate science

[4/11/21] UFSC has 33 researchers on the updated list of the world’s 100,000 most influential scientists

[4/11/21] A never-seen-before bird and a lot of richness: get to know the fauna of the Distrito do Saí, which should be protected by Wildlife Refuge

[4/11/21] Abundant water and regenerated forest will be preserved with the creation of a Wildlife Refuge in São Chico

[4/11/21] UFSC and the community of São Francisco do Sul suggest the creation of a Wildlife Refuge in the Distrito do Saí

[4/11/21] UFSC report recommends the creation of a conservation unit in the North of SC; read the series ‘Nascentes do Sai’

[4/11/21] Outreach project promotes training in the community of São Francisco do Sul

[4/11/21] Nascentes do Saí Project presents partial results of its research

[4/11/21] ‘Nascentes do Saí’ outreach project presents a socio-environmental diagnosis partial report


[8/10/21] UFSC Undergraduate Studies Council approves registration of international internships

[1/10/21] UFSC has 165 researchers among the most influential in Latin America, according to international ranking


[28/9/21] University Council approves the realization of in-person UFSC vestibular in January 2022

[23/9/21] Get to know the main information about Pre-Phase 2 at UFSC

[6/9/21] Pre-Phase 2: Manual provides actions and measures for safe conduct of in-person activities


[8/8/21] UFSC placed 23rd best university in Latin America in British consultancy ranking


[15/7/21] UFSC is among the best universities in the Latin America University Rankings 2021


[29/6/21] Publications by female authors stand out in the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina’s classification in international ranking

[16/6/21] UFSC Central Administration reflects on the 2020 academic year and prepares new measures for the first semester of 2021

[14/6/21] UFSC is among the best universities in the world according to international ranking

[14/6/21] UFSC welcomes 2021.1 international students in online event


[3/5/21] UFSC is the 4th best university in the country according to MEC index


[5/4/21] University Council approves academic calendar for year 2021


[10/3/21] International ranking places UFSC among the best universities in the country in different subject areas


[22/2/21] UFSC is the 8th best university in Latin America and the 3rd best among federal universities in Brazil, according to international study



[26/11/20] UFSC researchers among the 100,000 top-cited scientists in the world

[17/11/20] UFSC is ranked 23th among the top universities in Latin America

[11/11/20] UFSC extends suspension of in-person activities until 22 May 2021

[3/11/20] UFSC Health and Education subjects stand out in international ranking


[9/9/20] UFSC is among the 8 best universities in Brazil, according to international ranking

[1/9/20] UFSC extends suspension of in-person activities until 31 December


[24/7/20] University Council decides that remote learning will start on 31 August

[17/7/20] UFSC coordinates development of vaccine for the new coronavirus

[10/7/20] UFSC is ranked 9th best university in Latin America


[30/6/20] Official Announcement: UFSC will not resume on-campus learning in 2020

[25/6/20] UFSC is ranked 15th among Brazilian Universities in Sustainable Development Ranking

[2/6/20] UFSC keeps activities suspended and sets deadline for decision on the academic calendar


[22/5/20] UFSC Institutional Repository is among the 15 most viewed in the world, according to international ranking

[19/5/20] Actions taken by UFSC to fight COVID-19

[8/5/20] UFSC project will plant and donate agroecological food to vulnerable families


[30/4/20] Coronavirus: UFSC extends suspension of in-person activities until 31 May

[9/4/20] Coronavirus: telemedicine system developed by UFSC can be an answer during the pandemic

[8/4/20] Coronavirus: UFSC Central Administration suspends all in-person activities until 30 April

[3/4/20] UFSC coordinates development of emergency medical equipment