[26/11/20] UFSC researchers among the 100,000 top-cited scientists in the world

[17/11/20] UFSC is ranked 23th among the top universities in Latin America

[11/11/20] UFSC extends suspension of in-person activities until 22 May 2021

[3/11/20] UFSC Health and Education subjects stand out in international ranking


[9/9/20] UFSC is among the 8 best universities in Brazil, according to international ranking

[1/9/20] UFSC extends suspension of in-person activities until 31 December


[24/7/20] University Council decides that remote learning will start on 31 August

[17/7/20] UFSC coordinates development of vaccine for the new coronavirus

[10/7/20] UFSC is ranked 9th best university in Latin America


[30/6/20] Official Announcement: UFSC will not resume on-campus learning in 2020

[25/6/20] UFSC is ranked 15th among Brazilian Universities in Sustainable Development Ranking

[2/6/20] UFSC keeps activities suspended and sets deadline for decision on the academic calendar


[22/5/20] UFSC Institutional Repository is among the 15 most viewed in the world, according to international ranking

[19/5/20] Actions taken by UFSC to fight COVID-19

[8/5/20] UFSC project will plant and donate agroecological food to vulnerable families


[30/4/20] Coronavirus: UFSC extends suspension of in-person activities until 31 May

[9/4/20] Coronavirus: telemedicine system developed by UFSC can be an answer during the pandemic

[8/4/20] Coronavirus: UFSC Central Administration suspends all in-person activities until 30 April

[3/4/20] UFSC coordinates development of emergency medical equipment