French Language and Literatures

20/03/2020 17:50

UFSC offers seven different programs in the field of languages and literature.

Students looking to pursue studies in this field must choose among the following programs: Brazilian Sign Language (Libras); English Language and Literatures; French Language and Literatures; German Language and Literatures; Italian Language and Literatures; Portuguese Language and Literatures; and Spanish Language and Literatures.

The programs will focus on the language, literature and culture of the countries where the chosen language is spoken.

In the fifth semester, students make a decision regarding their career path. If they opt for a teaching degree, they must complete a teaching internship in public or private schools. If they choose a non-teaching path, they will engage in research-focused courses, preparing them for the composition of a final thesis.

Language and Literature graduates can work in primary and secondary education, as well as teaching in language schools and in preparation courses for university entrance examinations. Other career opportunities include interpreting in meetings and conferences, technical and literary translation, text revision and proofreading, and academic research in Literature and Linguistics.

Thanks to its multi- and interdisciplinary nature, the French Language and Literatures program offers students comprehensive training in both language skills and the ability to reflect on society and interculturality. Graduates will be well-prepared to pursue careers in research, teaching, communication, publishing, and translation.

Program Length:
8 semesters (4 years)
Classes held during the day.