Physiological Sciences

04/11/2019 13:35

Objective: The Graduate Program in Physiological Sciences (PMPGCF) aims to prepare graduates with the ability to teach and develop scientific projects, employing usual physiology methods and techniques (master’s degree) and incorporating physiological, cellular and molecular approaches (doctoral degree).

Type: Academic master’s degree and doctoral degree.

Area of Concentration: Physiological Sciences.

Lines of Research:
– Pain Physiology and Pharmacology;
– Endocrine Physiology;
– Neurophysiology and Behavior;
– Neuroimmunoendocrinology;
– Reproduction Neuroendocrinology;
– Cardiovascular Physiology;
– Hydroelectrolytic Equilibrium Regulation.

Contact: | +55 (48) 3721-2713


This is a national multicenter program offered in various institutions.