Aerospace Engineering – Joinville

20/03/2020 16:27

The Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering provides students with a systemic view of engineering, developed through a scaled and diversified curriculum, to prepare for a career in the development and evaluation of systems linked to aerospace vehicles, as well as in the development of orbital platforms for various purposes. These include propulsion, mechanical, energy, control and navigation systems. The graduate in Aerospace Engineering will also be able to act in the field of special materials used in such systems, as well as in aerodynamics and temperature control of aerospace vehicles and orbital platforms.

The program enables graduates to work in mathematical models and system construction, design, analysis, testing and control in the aerospace sector. The aerospace engineer can go on to work in research institutes and universities, in companies which provide services to the aerospace sector, as well as autonomously. Another possibility is to work in interdisciplinary engineering fields.

Learn more about the Aerospace Engineering Program by watching this video (in Portuguese):

Program Length:
10 semesters (5 years)
Faculty members:
+55 47 3204-7400 | +55 48 3721-7310