Indigenous Intercultural Education of the Southern Atlantic Forest

20/03/2020 20:41

The Undergraduate Program in Indigenous Intercultural Education of the Southern Atlantic Forest was created to guarantee that Guarani, Kaigang and Laklãnõ/Xokleng peoples have access to a specific and differentiated Indigenous teaching program that meet the needs of Indigenous villages in strengthening their own school curricula, as secured by the Federal Constitution of 1888 and the subconstitutional law.

With admission every four years (and currently in its third group), the Program is targeted at Indigenous peoples living in the southern part of the Atlantic Forest biome: Guarani (ES, RJ, SP, PR, SC, RS), Kaingáng (SP, PR, SC, RS) and Laklãnõ/Xokleng (SC), who have completed secondary school.

The Program trains and qualifies students to become lower and upper secondary school teachers in Indigenous schools, and also to develop research projects and activities directly linked to their communities – including at the graduate level – from an intercultural and interdisciplinary perspective.

The Program’s structure follows the principles of the Pedagogy of Alternation and is organized into a University Time – with activities carried out on the Florianópolis campus – and a Community Time – in which students develop activities in Indigenous lands or surrounding areas.

Program Length:
8 semesters (4 years)
+55 48 3721-4879 / +55 48 3721-2600