Materials Engineering – Blumenau Campus

20/03/2020 18:20

The Materials Engineering Program (Blumenau Campus) aims to qualify engineers based on: 1) theoretical training, 2) practical training, 3) formation of attitudes, 4) employability, 5) students’ level of satisfaction, and 6) cost effectiveness, through a cooperative model grounded on the experiences of the Materials Engineering Program from the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Florianópolis Campus), and also of the University of Waterloo and the Universidade de São Paulo. Evidence has shown that engineering programs which adopt this cooperative model produce excellent results. They are entirely in accordance with the need of interaction between universities and the community, not only in terms of providing technical training, but also in terms of contributing to the regional development and fostering social interaction. Innovative actions and the development of projects in a socio-technical perspective, with the involvement of the local community, will allow for the training of qualified professionals committed to the socio-economic development of the region.

The following skills are desired for Materials Engineering graduates and students:

  • know the fundamental principles of Materials Engineering so as to be able to observe, interpret and analyze data and information, as well as to identify problems and propose solutions according to the knowledge acquired during the program;
  • apply engineering knowledge and other related knowledge for the specification, dimensioning and functional design of production systems in the areas of metal-mechanics, polymers, ceramics, composite materials ceramic, among others;
  • engage in complementary activities, as provided in the curriculum, such as: Scientific Initiation projects, multidisciplinary projects, socio-technical co-construction projects, technical visits, team work, development of prototypes, student tutoring, participation in Junior Enterprises, and other activities of socio-technical nature;
  • be able to interpret, argue, communicate, write reports, and elaborate projects in accordance with the appropriate rules and technical standards;
  • be able to work dialogically in the formulation and resolution of socio-technical problems involving different agents and social interests;
  • have a worldview that emphasizes the social value of an activity, the environmental and social sustainability and the quality of life;
  • have multidisciplinary knowledge and the ability to develop teamwork and responsible work in different contexts;
  • make use of scientific and technological articles, both national and international, from refereed journals in the development of their professional activities.

The Program aims to prepare engineers to work in the transformation industry, in research, in advisory services, in activities directed to the regional development and the socio-technical innovation, and in public institutions. Graduates can find career opportunities in the following fields of work:

  • transformation processes in industries, commerce, cooperatives, service sectors, among others;
  • modernization, optimization and maintenance of production units;
  • design and integration of production and transformation systems in engineering companies;
  • design and installation of transformation units;
  • scientific and technological research;
  • development of new processes and products;
  • technology companies;
  • cooperatives and social organizations;
  • social technologies;
  • public and education institutions;
  • reusing, recycling and environmental preservation;
  • creation, management and development of their own business.

Materials Engineers graduated from UFSC (Blumenau Campus) should be able to assimilate and develop new technologies, and to identify and solve problems with a critical and creative stance, taking into account the social, political, economic, environmental and cultural aspects involved, in order to meet the demands of society through an ethical and humanist view.

Learn more about the Materials Engineering Program by watching this video (in Portuguese):

Program Length:
10 semesters (5 years)
+55 (47) 3232-5101