Mathematics (Education) – Blumenau Campus

20/03/2020 18:21

Created in 2014 on the Blumenau Campus, the Mathematics Program with an emphasis on education aims to prepare students for a career in teaching in both primary and secondary school. It also provides them with the necessary knowledge of the fields of research in Mathematics for furthering their studies at the graduate level.

The Program has a qualified faculty team, with members holding doctoral degrees in the areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Education, and Education.

Profile of the graduate

Graduates in Mathematics (Blumenau Campus) shall have a vision of their social role as educators and the capacity to insert themselves in different realities with the necessary sensitivity to interpret students’ needs.

In addition, they should also be aware of the contribution Mathematics can offer as a tool for the full exercise of citizenship and also of their role in overcoming problems found in the teaching and learning process.

Courses are held in the morning and in the evening.

Learn more about the Mathematics Program (Blumenau Campus) by watching this video (in Portuguese):

Program Length: 9 semesters (4 and a half years)
 Number of places: 100 (50 per semester)
Phone: +55 (47) 3232-5139 / (48) 3721-3339