Mathematics (Education)

20/03/2020 18:21

The UFSC Mathematics Program with an emphasis on Mathematics Education prepares students for a career in teaching in both primary and secondary school. Graduates should become teachers conscious of their role as educators and committed to the dissemination of mathematical knowledge as a tool for the full exercise of citizenship.

The Program’s curriculum has a threefold basis: mathematical knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and the theory-practice relationship. It provides students with:

  • A solid mathematical background;
  • A solid teaching/pedagogical training, regarding the formulation and interpretation of mathematical situations and their relations with other areas of knowledge;
  • Competence to work in basic education, with the understanding of the teaching practice as a dynamic process and as an agent of social transformation.

For degree completion, a supervised teaching practicum is mandatory. This practicum allows students to experience their future career challenges.

Program Length:
8 semesters (4 years)
Faculty members:
+55 48 3721 9652