Museum Studies

20/03/2020 12:13

Taking into account the large number of museums across the state of Santa Catarina and the lack of professionals in the field, UFSC Museum Studies program was created to fill this gap, with the aim of preparing professionals to set the guidelines for education, conservation and cultural policies in regard to heritage assets.

The museum studies professional is particularly concerned with cultural heritage and the collection, conservation, preservation and exhibition of cultural assets in museums. In order to qualify graduates for such profile, the program provides a consistent training on museology, focused on its interdisciplinary character and in dialogue with the fields of history and anthropology, understood in their broad sense.

The program aims to contribute to: the growth of museum theory; the interweaving of related scientific and academic areas; the enhancement of national, regional, state and municipal museum policies; the development of actions in cultural and educational agencies, such as museums, historical memory centers, art galleries, government agencies concerned with cultural heritage, higher education institutions, research institutes, among others; and the sophistication of methodologies and techniques management in the fields of museum conservation, documentation and extroversion.

It also seeks to ensure a training that is, at the same time, solid and broad enough to enable graduates to fully perform their professional tasks, as well as to provide them with an in-depth theoretical grounding and the possibility to engage in advanced research in the field.


Program Length:
8 semesters (4 years)
+55 48 3721-9714