Cell and Developmental Biology

01/11/2019 20:34

Objective: The Graduate Program in Cell and Developmental Biology (PPGBCD) aims to prepare qualified professionals for the development of research, teaching, outreach and other professional activities in the areas of Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology.

Type: Academic master’s degree and doctoral degree.

Area of Concentration: Cell and Developmental Biology.

Lines of Research:
– Cellular and Molecular Development Studies;
– Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Associated to Pathophysiological Processes;
– Cellular Differentiation and Tissue Regeneration;
– Embryotoxicity, Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity.

Contact: ppgbcd@contato.ufsc.br | +55 (48) 3721-2713

Website: http://pbcd.ufsc.br/