Law (academic degree)

01/11/2019 19:08

Objective: The Graduate Program in Law (PPGD) aims to qualify professionals for higher education teaching and scientific investigation in the area of ​​Law. Additionally, it aims at developing new knowledge as a way to contribute to the improvement of national and international institutions, and at elaborating a critical way of thinking for the construction of a Law that is better suited to the reality of Latin American countries in the 21st century and to the new international order.

Type: Academic master’s degree and doctoral degree.

Areas of Concentration:
Law, State and Society;
International Law and Sustainability;
Theory and History of Law.

Lines of Research:
– Constitutionalism, Democracy and State Organization;
– Social Control and Justice Systems;
– Ecological Law and Human Rights;
– International Law, Economic Law and Sustainable Trade;
– Private Law, Process and Information Society;
– Historicism, Critical Knowledge and Subjectivity.

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