Mechanical Engineering

04/11/2019 14:24

Objective: The Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering (POSMEC) aims to prepare qualified human resources in different areas of engineering who can contribute to the scientific and technological development of society, working in both the productive and academic sectors.

Type: Academic master’s degree and doctoral degree.

Areas of Concentration:
Mechanical Analysis and Design;
Thermal Sciences and Engineering;
Metrology and Instrumentation;
Design of Mechanical Systems;
Vibration and Acoustics.

Lines of Research:
– Computational Solid Mechanics;
– Finite Element Method;
– Design Optimization;
– Numerical Simulation of Composite Materials;
– Fracture and Fatigue Mechanics;
– Damage Mechanics;
– Structural Reliability;
– Structural Dynamics;
– Exergetic Analysis;
– Thermal Analysis of Buildings;
– Characterization of Petroleum Reservoir Rocks;
– Combustion;
– Air Conditioning;
– Satellite Thermal Control;
– Boiling and Condensation;
– Solar Energy;
– Flow and Mixture Thermodynamics;
– Fluid Flow in Porous Media;
– Energy Generation and Cogeneration;
– Instrumentation for Thermal Analysis of Buildings;
– Lubrication;
– Fluid Mechanics and Computational Heat Transfer;
– Discrete Models of Fluid Outflow (Lattice-Gas);
– Radiation;
– Cooling;
– Rheology;
– Petroleum Reservoir Simulation;
– Heat Tubes;
– Turbulence;
– Weldability of Stainless and Heat-Resistant Steels;
– Development of Welding Equipment;
– High Temperature Brazing;
– Quality Engineering;
– Precision Machining;
– Analysis of Machined Surfaces;
– Machine Automation;
– CNC- Triggering of Machines And Instruments;
– Dynamic Testing of Machines and Instruments;
– Design and Manufacture of Plastic Components;
– Rapid Prototyping;
– Tool Management and Machining Databases;
– Computer-Aided Process Planning;
– Manufacturing;
– Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing);
– Computational Modeling of Products;
– Design for Manufacturing;
– Machining Processes;
– Management of Metrology;
– Means and Methods of Measurement;
– Development of Industrial Products Design Methodologies;
– Development of Computational Systems to Support the Design;
– Development of Prototypes of Machines and Equipment;
– Functional Reliability and Maintainability of Mechanical Systems;
– Expert Systems Applied to Mechanical Design;
– Design of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems;
– CAE/CAD Systems;
– Industrial Automation;
– Robotics;
– Design of Mechanisms and Machines;
– Design of Mechatronic Systems;
– Dynamic Characterization of Viscoelastic Materials;
– Modal Vibration and Radiated Sound Control of Complex Structures by Viscoelastic Neutralizers;
– Active Vibration Control of Flexible Structures;
– Vehicle Noise and Vibration;
– Noise Control / Hearing Protectors;
– Predictive Maintenance and Fault Detection in Rotating Machines by Vibration;
– Underwater Acoustics;
– Structural Acoustics.

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