Pharmacology (professional degree)

04/11/2019 13:34

Objective: The Professional Master’s Program in Pharmacology (MPFMC) aims to enable professionals in the biomedical field to expand their knowledge about pharmacological aspects involved in the development of drugs and their interaction with organisms, in order to use this scientific knowledge in their professional practice in hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, toxicological and biochemical analysis laboratories, higher education institutions, as well as in government agencies involved in the regulation and control of drug and medicine use, among others.

Type: Professional master’s degree.

Area of Concentration: Pharmacology.

Lines of Research:
– Pharmacology Education;
– Translational Psychopharmacology;
– Mechanism of Action and Kinetics of Synthetic Drugs and Natural Products;
– Drug and Herbal Medicine Legislation;
– Pharmacological Strategies for Pain Therapy;

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