Production Engineering

04/11/2019 14:26

Objective: The Graduate Program in Production Engineering (PPGEP) aims to prepare professionals with multidisciplinary vision who are able to work with teaching, research or management in public and private organizations. It also aims to produce research which not only results in academic contribution, but also in relevant applications for the government and the civil society.

Type: Academic master’s degree and doctoral degree.

Areas of Concentration:
Product and Process Engineering;
Operations Management;
Logistics and Transportation.

Lines of Research:
– Process and Product Development Management;
– Product Design Methodologies;
– Production Ergonomic Management;
– Ergonomic Design of Products and Services;
– Ergonomics in Workplace Safety and Health;
– Organizational Intelligence;
– Quality Management and Environmental Management;
– Production Management;
– Economic Management;
– Analysis, Optimization and Management of Logistics Chains;
– Optimization and Management of Transport Systems and Public and Emergency Services.

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