Social Anthropology

04/11/2019 18:35

Objective: The Graduate Program in Social Anthropology (PPGAS) aims to:

  • produce knowledge about the sociocultural reality and contribute to the consolidation and improvement of the field of Anthropology in Brazil;
  • prepare qualified teachers and researchers to work with teaching and research in Brazil and abroad;
  • contribute to anthropology education in UFSC undergraduate programs, especially Anthropology, Museum Studies and Social Sciences, and to the socioeconomic and ethnic-racial inclusion policies;
  • prepare professionals to work in other areas of Anthropology outside the university, such as advising governmental and non-governmental agencies and supporting the elaboration of public policies;
  • make agreements and exchanges with national and international academic institutions, aiming at the integration of Brazilian Anthropology in the international arena.

Type: Academic master’s degree and doctoral degree

Area of Concentration: Social Anthropology.

Lines of Research:
– Art, ethnomusicology, image, language and performance;
– Science, education, technique and environment;
– Urban and transnational spaces, mobilities and heritage;
– Kinship, generation, gender and sexuality;
– Policies, micropolitics and contemporary movements;
– Religion, cosmology and ritual;
– Health, corporeality and subjectivation.

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