20/03/2020 16:26

UFSC Administration program prepares students for a diverse job market and also encourages scientific research.

Theory and practice are combined in the curriculum to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of organizational structures and their problems. The courses aim at encouraging entrepreneurship and the ability to analyze social transformations.

In the job market, the place of the administrator is guaranteed in the most diverse areas. Any organization, whatever its size and complexity (NGOs, associations or multinational corporations), needs qualified professionals for business management. UFSC has agreements with more than 600 organizations which offer internship positions to students and help them prepare for their future careers. Many of them are hired by the same companies after the internship period. Students can also take part in Ação Júnior, a company managed by themselves under faculty guidance, which advises different organizations.

The program offers courses in many areas of administration, such as general administration, production, marketing, finance, strategy and entrepreneurship.

The student can engage in scientific research, in the area of organizational management, and publish articles in the Journal of Administrative Sciences, edited by the Department of Administrative Sciences. The journal is open to professors, researchers, students and professionals in the area of public and business administration. Also, the Department subscribes to the best management journals and the collection at UFSC Central Library is constantly renewed.


Program Length:
9 semesters  (4 and a half  years)
Faculty members:
+55 48 3721-9374