20/03/2020 16:36

The UFSC Animation Program was established in 2015, but its history dates back to 2009, when the Bachelor’s in Design in Animation was created. It was proposed after a study about the ongoing program, whose conclusion was that, seen as an area of Design, Animation was losing expressiveness. A commission was then assigned to carry out a further study for the restructuring of the degree.

The Animation degree prepares professionals to design, develop and implement audiovisual products using different animation techniques.

Animation is a fast-growing field, driven by the rapid development of technology, especially of visual media, and can be applied to various settings (2D and 3D) and supports. It consists of the total or partial application of movement to visual media productions. The graduate will be in charge of the animation development process, making use of tools and techniques appropriate for this purpose.

The animation professional stands out in the job market for their expertise, both in conceptual and technical terms, in visual production for traditional media as well as in new computing and digital technologies which are indispensable nowadays.

In addition to working as an independent professional, in personal offices or in more complex and broader situations which require deeper technical knowledge in related fields such as computer science, engineering and communication, the animator may also work as a member of interdisciplinary project teams, contributing with his/her comprehensive view and capacity of articulation, as well as with the generation of concepts and solutions and with the design and development of the formal and communication elements involved.

The program curriculum includes theoretical courses that give support to projects and provides students with a solid and consistent foundation for the academic career and the job market.


Program characteristics:

Title: Bachelor of Animation
Course type: classroom courses / full-time
Total class hours: 3348



Modeling Lab
Silk Screen Printing Lab
3 Computer Labs
5 Design/Project Rooms


Research Centers:

NAS Design


Program Length:
7 semesters (3 and a half years)
Faculty members:
+55 48 3721 6504 / 3721 9285