20/03/2020 16:38

The UFSC Anthropology program is a pioneering initiative that consolidates the work of the Department of Anthropology at the School of Human Sciences and Philosophy as one of the most respected in the country, enjoying great international reputation. With extensive teaching experience in various undergraduate programs and in its own graduate program, UFSC’s Department of Anthropology now offers a specific undergraduate degree in the area.

The program is focused on the systematic and in-depth knowledge of cultural values and practices of human collectives – including differentiated social groups, minorities, rural communities, indigenous peoples, among others – through strong theoretical-methodological studies aimed at defining and conducting empirical research.

The general principles governing the program are: the strong link between teaching and research, the emphasis on knowledge-deepening activities through the articulation with elective courses, and a flexible curriculum, in which students get involved in their choice of options.

The program, structured in 8 semesters, seeks to ensure students a high qualification to pursue graduate studies in the field of human sciences. Besides, it also aims at providing the educational basis for qualified professionals to work in research together with NGOs, research institutes and government agencies, as well as in consulting and advisory activities, and as public policy agents and managers.


Program Length:
8 semesters (4 years)
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