Automation and Control Engineering – Florianópolis Campus

20/03/2020 16:43

The automation of production activities, whether in agriculture, industry or in the service sector, is one of the main requirements for the economic development of the country and for its effective participation in the international market. The need for qualified professionals that have an interdisciplinary vision – indispensable to the automation processes – and are able to use the new computer technologies has led UFSC to create the pioneer Automation and Control Engineering program in 1990.

The program offers 72 seats every year and, during the 5-year studies, the future engineer acquires qualifications to work in Process Control, Manufacturing Automation, Industrial Computing and Robotics. The training prepares students for the design, implementation, use and maintenance of automated or to-be-automated production units. Engineering companies, software and equipment industries for industrial automation, and other industries using such equipment, are the potential workplace for automation and control engineers.

The Automation and Control Engineering student at UFSC receives training with the following characteristics:

  • strong knowledge in mathematics, physics and computing;
  • general knowledge on electricity and mechanics (instrumentation and drive systems);
  • basic notions of economics, management and safety;
  • deep knowledge of process control, industrial computing, manufacturing automation and robotics.


Program Length:
10 semesters (5 years)
Classes may be held in the morning, afternoon and evening.