Automotive Engineering – Joinville Campus

20/03/2020 16:45

The Automotive Engineering program will give graduates a systemic view of automotive engineering to prepare for a career in planning, design, construction, maintenance and disposal of automotive systems such as automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles and other road vehicles, whether self-propelled, conventional or special. Graduates can also work in interdisciplinary areas of engineering, such as mechanical, electrical, production, mechatronics, metallurgical, materials, transportation and logistics, and infrastructure, all related to automotive engineering.

Automotive Engineering has a prominent place in the industrial, economic and technological setting, both nationally and worldwide. It is a strategic industrial segment in various countries because it generates employment, financial resources and technologies. UFSC Automotive Engineering program is aimed at contributing to the development of the automotive sector through training and the development of new technologies associated with motor vehicles.

Learn more about the Automotive Engineering program by watching this video (in Portuguese):

Program Length:
10 semesters (5 years)
Classes may be held in the morning, afternoon and evening.