Chemical Engineering

20/03/2020 16:49

The chemical engineer can work in chemical and petrochemical industry processes and in the development of projects for production units, in addition to working in the areas of materials, food, computer science, environment, among others. In the environmental field, the chemical engineer is responsible for studying the environment pollution degree through chemical analysis of water and gas emissions control.

Aimed at qualifying graduates for these roles, UFSC Chemical Engineering Program created a broad ranging curriculum that is centered on the profession’s principles. In the first semester, core courses in Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Mathematics and Introduction to Chemical Engineering are taught. Then, more specific courses are offered: Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, Reactor Calculation, Biochemical Engineering, Process Analysis and Simulation, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Industries, among others.

In the last semester, the student gets to learn the day-to-day practice of the profession through an internship in a company. In general, UFSC graduates are well positioned in the job market: about half of our students are immediately hired after completing their studies.

The program is full-time.

Program Length:
10 semesters (5 years)
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