Food Science and Technology

20/03/2020 17:38

The Food Science and Technology Program is consolidated as an excellence program, having been graded 5 (maximum grade) by the Ministry of Education. The program is concerned with the Brazilian social, cultural and industrial reality and is highly oriented to the production of quality food and the development of innovative products to meet the needs of the consumers.

Safety, quality and sustainability are key concepts with which our faculty understands the food universe. The faculty members hold doctoral degrees in the main food-related fields: technology, microbiology, biochemistry and chemistry.

The Food Science and Technology Program was created to prepare professionals specialized in food in its scientific, technological, biochemical, sanitary, sensory and nutritional aspects, able to identify problems and apply solutions to the agri-food production chain. For this purpose, the program is structured around an innovative and multidisciplinary curriculum covering various areas of knowledge.

Students have privileged access to modern and specialized laboratories for their practical courses, as well as to a food processing pilot plant where they learn technologies to develop products derived from milk, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, oils and cereals. The program is 9 semesters long (4 years and a half), being the last semester exclusively dedicated to a supervised internship.

The Food Science and Technology graduate will work in every dimension of food production, conservation and monitoring at all stages of distribution. They can be technically responsible for food industries and analysis laboratories; carry out research; work in health surveillance agencies; and conduct physicochemical, microbiological, toxicological and sensory quality control and process management. The program allows students to cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit, especially in the Agroindustrial Planning and Project course, in the 8th semester, where they develop innovative products and get engaged in all stages of product development, from formulation to packaging.

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Program Length:
9 semesters (4 and a half years)
Faculty members:
+55 48 3721 6290