20/03/2020 12:17

UFSC Oceanography Program aims to qualify oceanographers for the identification and solution of problems to broadly meet the demands of the Brazilian society through a critical, creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Studies cover several areas of ocean sciences in a comprehensive and integrated manner, seeking to prepare professionals not only with a solid conceptual background, but with knowledge of the methodological instruments required for the understanding of the relations of interaction between processes in the physical and biological environment. The program aims to encourage students to pose questions and seek solutions for the understanding of the functioning of the oceans as a whole and of the coastal zone in particular. It is expected that graduates will be conscious, critical, as well as economically, socially and environmentally responsible in their work.

In accordance with the National Curriculum Guidelines for undergraduate degrees in Oceanography, the specific objectives of the program are to enable students to:

I. develop research projects for the understanding of components and processes acting in the marine environment, aimed at its sustainable use;

II. engage in activities related to the study and management of transition systems: coastal zone, mixohaline systems and watersheds;

III. work in leadership positions in different sectors and spheres of oceanography;

IV. coordinate inter- and transdisciplinary activities concerning the marine environment;

V. develop mechanisms and strategies for the teaching of oceanography and environmental education;

VI. perform their professional activities with ethics and responsibility.

UFSC Oceanography graduates should have scientific and technical qualification to understand and predict the behavior of the oceans and coastal environments and to be able to work in a transdisciplinary manner when it comes to the rational use and exploitation of renewable and nonrenewable marine resources.


Program Length:
9 semesters (4 years and a half)
Faculty members:
+55 48 3721-3532
Website: www.oceanografia.ufsc.br