Performing Arts

20/03/2020 17:21

UFSC Performing Arts Program was created in 2008. Based on four axes – playwriting, acting, directing and performance art, the program explores theory, experience, technique and artistic creation in an interconnected manner. The work of the actor, performer, director or playwright is grounded on the diachronic studies of dramatic arts and related artistic experiences, as well as on theoretical and practical approaches of drama, representation, acting, aesthetics and arts, from a traditional to a contemporary perspective. In the program, theory is linked to practical experiences across various fields of study: voice, body, animation theatre, improvisation, set design, makeup, performance, acting, playwriting and direction. Graduates should be able to perform a critically engaged art that intervenes in the social context in which they are inserted. The Performing Arts degree prepares creative professionals for a career as actors, directors, playwrights, researchers, theatre critics, performers, cultural advisors, among other activities.

Courses are held during the evening.

Program Length:
8 semesters (4 years)
Faculty members:
+55 48 3721-6543