Social Sciences

20/03/2020 12:31

UFSC Social Sciences program prepares sociologists, anthropologists and political scientists not only to develop academic research and produce knowledge about social relations, but also to conduct surveys and consulting services in public or private companies.

The program’s core subjects are in the fields of Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science, but, since the early stages, the student may choose to focus on one particular social area, by taking specific courses in this area.

Different segments of society are object of research, including the political system, the public policies, the social institutions and the business system, as well as the social movements and the socio-cultural diversity. Research is carried out in specialized places, such as the Image and Sound Research Laboratory, where educational videos are also produced for the teaching and learning of social sciences.

The program offers two types of degrees: a teaching degree and a degree leading to research and other career possibilities. The teaching degree enables students to work in primary and secondary schools. The student takes pedagogical courses throughout the program and completes a teaching practicum in an educational institution. In the other degree option, the program focuses on research, consulting, advice, and public and private policy management. In the final semester, the student develops a final thesis.

Program Length:
8 semesters (4 years)
Faculty members:
+55 48 3721 9508