Transportation and Logistics Engineering – Joinville Campus

20/03/2020 12:37

The Bachelor’s in Transportation and Logistics Engineering provides students with a systemic view of engineering, developed through a scaled and diversified curriculum, to prepare for a career in planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and management of passenger and cargo transport. Graduates can also work in interdisciplinary engineering fields, such as mechanical, electrical, production, mechatronic, metallurgical, materials, naval and infrastructure engineering, among others.

In the Brazilian scenario, transportation and logistics engineering is an outstanding field due to the current and future demands of transport logistics to operationalize different transport systems; still, the country has a large deficit of engineers in this area, when compared to developed countries.

Learn more about the Transportation and Logistics Engineering Program by watching this video (in Portuguese):


Program Length:
10 semesters (5 years)
Faculty members:
+55 47 3204-7400 | +55 48 3721-7310