UFSC Undergraduate Studies Council approves registration of international internships

08/10/2021 19:40

The Undergraduate Studies Council of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (CGrad/UFSC) has just regulated the international internships of undergraduate students. Under the terms of Normative Resolution no. 96/2021/CGRAD, internship activities carried out outside Brazil will have the same validity as internships carried out in the country, and follow similar rules.

The regulation will serve for mandatory and non-mandatory internships carried out abroad by UFSC exchange students. Under the new Resolution, enrollment in specific internship courses will be required, and in a new course created for international internships, code ZZD0047.

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The Secretary for International Relations (Sinter), Lincoln Fernandes, believes that the implementation of the Resolution will bring positive results for programs and students. “The creation of the course of international internship and its implementation will be very positive for us to have an institutional idea of what really happens at UFSC in terms of international internship.” According to Fernandes, based on the data that will be obtained, the University will be able to adjust its internationalization strategies and actions where these internships occur, whether in the productive sector, research institutes or partner institutions. “UFSC benefits from  this action, which is so important for our internationalization process”, highlights the Secretary.

Collecting data on the internships that UFSC exchange students perform will also be important for the director of the Academic and Professional Integration Department* (DIP/Prograd), Alexandre Lenzi. “With this Resolution regulating internships abroad, UFSC can now count on one more tool to its advantage, with data such as numbers, areas of knowledge and countries where the internships are developed. The knowledge generated from this data will allow UFSC to make clear and objective decisions, for a broad international recognition of our institution”.

The Prorector for Undergraduate Studies, Daniel Vasconcelos, also confirms the importance of this Resolution to the University. For him, “The Resolution makes the growing process of insertion of our students in the international arena more visible and manageable, in addition to strengthening and consolidating the growing process of international activity by the university.”


Translated by SINTER/UFSC

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