Chemistry – Blumenau Campus

20/03/2020 15:59

The Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry aims to prepare professionals with a solid training in the main fields of Chemistry: Analytical, Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, as well as in the fields of Biology, Physics and Mathematics. It also provides students with a broad theoretical and practical foundation that relates these fields with environment, sustainability, entrepreneurship and population life quality. The Program allows graduates to contribute to the development of scientific research and to the industrial production and development sector, as well as to perform other duties required for their profession.

Profile of the graduate

Graduates in Chemistry will master the basic techniques to operate laboratories and their equipment, as well as the theories and concepts concerning matter structure and reactivity. They should be able to participate in socioeconomic activities involving matter transformation processes, chemical analysis, and the research and development of new materials, methods and processes. They should also recognize chemistry as a human construction and understand the historical aspects involved in the process of knowledge construction and its relations with the economic, political and cultural context.

Courses are held during the afternoon and evening.

Program Length: 8 semesters (4 years)
Number of places: 50
Phone: +55 (48) 3721-3339 / +55 (47) 3232-5139