Civil Production Engineering

20/03/2020 17:09

UFSC offers three distinct Production Engineering programs, with focus on Civil Production, Mechanical Production or Electrical Production. They prepare professionals not only to acquire the technical skills and competences necessary for a career in the chosen area (civil, mechanical or electrical), but also to perform management and leadership functions at all levels of organization.

The program includes basic courses in the corresponding area of engineering, as well as specific courses on Production Engineering, such as Production Management (organization of production, production planning and control, just in time production, flexible systems, logistics), Product Engineering (new products, ergonomics, value analysis), Productivity and Quality Management (total quality, project quality, functional analysis, performance analysis), Management of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Economic Engineering (analysis of industrial projects, strategic planning, evaluation engineering, technological innovation) and Project Management. Within this context, the production engineer is equipped with a systemic view of companies and projects and is therefore qualified to make decisions.

In Brazil, the production engineer is concerned with the new standards of quality and productivity and works in a wide range of activities in industries, infra-structure, civil construction, agriculture, business and government agencies. The professional in this area is instrumental in the development of new production systems in all fields of economic and business activity.

Graduates from this program will be awarded the degree of Civil Engineer, with a qualification in Civil Production Engineering.

Classes are taught during the day, with some courses eventually held in the evening.

Program Length:
10 semesters (5 years)
Faculty members:
+55 48 3721 7004