20/03/2020 17:22

The Economics program is one of the most traditional undergraduate programs at UFSC. Its creation dates back to 1943, prior to the foundation of the university, and it is the main reference in Economic Studies in the state of Santa Catarina.

Economics graduates can work in a wide range of contexts, offering advice to companies, working for government agencies and development banks, in financial analysis, economic-financial audits and in the analysis of economic conditions.

The program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the national and international economic scenarios, and involves students in the debate and analysis of the main economic issues of today, such as inflation, interest and foreign exchange rates, employment, income distribution and international agreements. Besides, in the second half of the program, students take specific courses in their areas of interest, which may include Finance, Business Economics and Investment Analysis, Industrial and Technology Economics, Agriculture Industry and Regional Economics, Brazilian and International Economics, Political Economics and Evolution of Contemporary Capitalism.

UFSC Economics Program is concerned with the new demands of society and the labor market. A series of elective courses allows for new knowledge and the application of economics to new areas such as environmental development, economic and social impacts of technological innovation, and new international relations.

The Economics student must have a good grounding in mathematics, statistics and econometrics (the application of statistical concepts to the analysis of economic data). Treatment, analysis and graphical representation of data are routine tasks across various disciplines. These tasks equip students with the necessary skills to check the veracity of numerous opinions in the media concerning recent economic themes.


Program Length:
Day program: 9 semesters (4 and a half years)
Evening program: 10 semesters (5 years)
Faculty members:
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