Information Systems

20/03/2020 17:58

With the ever increasing level of computerization in contemporary society, companies, industries and organizations are demanding professionals that not only master the existing resources, but that are able to create new options for information processing. UFSC Information Systems Program prepares professionals who meet this profile, with full competence to design, develop and operate computerized systems.

Graduates can work in any type of organizations as system designers and developers, information technology consultants, or as managers of Networks, Databases and Information Centers.

The curriculum offers basic training in programming and data structure, in addition to general training in the areas of computer architecture, discrete mathematics and logic, systems theory and business organization and management.

The main current technologies are also covered in the program, with emphasis on Software Engineering, Database, Computer Networks and Distributed Systems. The curriculum encourages entrepreneurship and offers internship opportunities. The intensive use of laboratories also allows students to put into practice the knowledge acquired.

Courses are held in the evening.

Program Length:
9 semesters (4 and a half years)
Faculty members:
+55 48 3721 9424