20/03/2020 12:27

Established in 1978, The Psychology Program was the first one to be offered in the state of Santa Catarina, with an extensive experience in teaching, research and outreach. Its comprehensive curriculum enables students to learn about different theoretical contributions that give support to the professional practice in various areas and fields of work in Psychology.

This full-time program offers two types of degrees: a teaching degree and a degree that prepares for the practice of psychology. Its current curriculum was established in 2010 and is divided into two modules: one comprised of basic subjects, corresponding to the first three years of study, and the other of professional subjects, set in the final years.

Students take practical courses since the early stages of the program, through the introductory internships. During the professional module, they take more in-depth internships, with a more intense weekly workload.

The professional module provides students with the opportunity to get further knowledge in at least two of the following areas of focus: 1. Health and Clinical Processes; 2. Work, Organizations and Management; 3. School/Education; 4. Community Processes and Collective Action.

UFSC Psychology Program has several laboratories, research centers and a Psychological Care Service (SAPSI), which offers free services to the local community and is a place for internships, research and outreach. As for other fields of intervention, the program has a solid partnership with institutions in the region (schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations, companies, etc.) and contributes largely to the process of consolidation of the new mental health model in Brazil.

Since 2010, the program was recognized by the Ministry of Health and Education as a Training Reference Center for the Unified Health System (SUS). It prepares students for teamwork in different care units of SUS: health centers; medium complexity care in psychosocial care centers or psychotherapies; hospital settings; urgencies and emergencies.


Program Length:
10 semesters (5 years)
Faculty members:
+55 48 3721 9283