UFSC keeps activities suspended and sets deadline for decision on the academic calendar

02/06/2020 14:27

Last Friday, 29 May, the Central Administration of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) has announced that the university’s in-person academic and administrative activities will remain suspended. According to the Normative Ordinance no. 364/2020/GR, the suspension is now for an indefinite period, but a deadline of 30 days has been set for the university to decide on the continuity of the 2020-1 semester and on the rearrangement of the academic activities.

“Our intention is to act in accordance with the state and federal decrees, which is why the extension is for an indefinite period”, explains the Rector Ubaldo Cesar Balthazar. “However, we have urgency in making decisions about the academic calendar, as our community waits for answers, so we have set a 30-day deadline for the University Council to reach an agreement, and I hope that these decisions will come out before that deadline.”

Until 30 June, the university will complete diagnostics, collect data and produce indicators that shall demonstrate full conditions for the implementation of alternatives to the regular teaching activities, at all levels and of all types, on all UFSC campuses, based on the work of committees and subcommittees, and will produce a regulation to be evaluated by the relevant bodies and approved by the University Council.

According to the Ordinance no. 364/2020, teaching activities at all levels and of all types are suspended indefinitely, except for those which were already carried out remotely (full-time distance learning courses). Any other in-person academic activities, such as defenses, recruitment examinations and meetings, as well as the in-person technical and administrative activities, except for health, security and other urgent and essential services, remain suspended on all UFSC campuses.