Official Announcement: UFSC will not resume on-campus learning in 2020

30/06/2020 13:11

The Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), aware of Ordinance no. 447/2020 enacted by the State Health Department (SES), announces that on-campus learning will not be resumed in 2020, while there are still no adequate sanitary and epidemiological conditions that can guarantee the safety of the university community.

Bearing in mind the university autonomy, guaranteed by the Constitution, as well the Ordinance no. 544/2020 enacted by the Ministry of Education, and based on current studies carried out by its scientific community, UFSC will be favoring remote learning, which will be regulated according to the University Council’s decision scheduled for 17 July.

Any resumption will be done gradually, cautiously and respectfully. The university will not resume in-classroom learning before an effective vaccine or medication is available to everyone. We are more than 40 million people at UFSC, a population that would certainly have a major impact on public health systems if on-campus classes were resumed without the proper epidemiological indications. Therefore, there is no expected date for on-campus return.

UFSC Central Administration

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