Phase 2: UFSC will require a vaccination certificate from all workers from 14 February

14/02/2022 13:05

The Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) will require from all faculty, staff and other professionals working at UFSC a certification of complete vaccination cycle from the beginning of phase 2, which starts on 14 February. The measure was published in the University’s Official Bulletin last Monday, 7 February.

>> Phase 2 begins 14 February, access the Ordinance

The rules of the Normative Ordinance no. 422/2022/GR are valid not only for permanent faculty and staff, but also for substitute, visiting and volunteer faculty, temporary staff, researchers and/or research fellows, outsourced workers and interns. Proof of full vaccination will be required, which consists of two vaccine doses against Covid-19 and one booster dose; or one dose of the Janssen vaccine, plus the booster, according to the instructions of the Prorectorate for Personnel Management and Development (PRODEGESP).

Workers from the Colégio de Aplicação [Laboratory School – CA] and from the Child Development Center (NDI) will follow specific rules once they are entering phase 3, with in-person classes for all students starting in February. The Laboratory School enters Phase 3 on 10 February, and the NDI on 14 February.

>> Check the rules for Colégio de Aplicação and NDI workers         

Anyone without the complete vaccination cycle must present, with a frequency of five working days, a negative RT-PCR test result, or result from another test approved by the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa), performed within the last 72 hours, according to the instructions.

In addition to the vaccination, the Central Administration reinforces the necessity of keeping protective measures, such as wearing PFF-2 masks and practicing social distancing. All of the biosafety measures are detailed in the Biosafety Guide.

Phase 2

Phase 2 for combating the COVID-19 pandemic at UFSC, which starts 14 February, is regulated by the Normative Ordinance no. 416/2021/GR, which was suspended last January due to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases. The Ordinance was now declared valid again, based on the justification presented by the Epidemiological Monitoring Committee that indicated the pandemic would enter a phase of stability. It is a stage of resuming in-person activities with organization tasks and staff scheduling. When the Phases for Combating COVID-19 were defined at UFSC, there was no expectation for immunization, which currently has a wide reach.

For details on how to present the vaccination certification and other information, you can read the full news report here.

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